General Terms and Conditions for Meeting Room Rentals

v1.5 – Effective from 26.03.2024

1. General

The meeting rooms are located within the premises of the language school Bellingua. Both the tenants and Bellingua shall observe mutual consideration.

Upon initial use, the tenant shall receive instruction on the use of the premises and equipment (approximately 10 minutes) prior to the commencement of the rental period.

The tenant is responsible for the proper disposal of confidential meeting documents.

2. Meeting Rooms

2.1 Purpose of Use, Number of Persons, etc.
The rooms are exclusively for use as meeting rooms (meetings, discussions, video conferences, video recordings of interviews, etc.). Other uses (e.g., craft courses, therapeutic applications, noisy activities, etc.) are not permitted.

A maximum of 10 persons is allowed per room. Animals are not allowed on the premises of Bellingua.

2.2. Furniture and Equipment, Liability
The rooms are equipped with high-quality furniture, magnetic whiteboards, and modern technology.

The tables are wired (audio, power, video, etc.) and cannot be moved.

Photos, posters, etc., can be attached to the whiteboards using magnets (magnets are provided). Nothing may be hung on the walls, windows, or doors.

The tenant is responsible for careful use and liable for any damages caused.

2.3. Waste
Waste must be disposed of in the bins and PET collection containers in the hallway.

3. Lounge, Food and Beverages

The lounge is available for shared use by the tenants as a break room. Especially during breaks in language courses, the lounge is heavily used by Bellingua students.

Coffee, tea, and drinking water are freely available and included in the rental price. Beverages may be taken into the meeting rooms.

Cold, non-strong-smelling foods are permitted in the lounge. Hot foods may be consumed in the rooms, but due to odor emissions, the doors must remain closed.

4. Booking, Cancellation

Booking of a meeting room must be made no later than the working day prior by 5 pm.

No refund will be provided if the meeting room is used for a shorter duration than booked.

A spontaneous extension of the rental period is possible subject to availability. Availability can be confirmed with the Front Office. Extensions require immediate payment by card.

Cancellation fees:
• Cancellation up to 7 days before the booked date: Free of charge.
• Cancellations within 7 days: CHF 50 per meeting room and day.
• Cancellations must be made no later than the working day prior to the booked date by 5 pm. Otherwise, the full amount is due.

5. Disclaimer of Liability

Bellingua assumes no liability for damages incurred by the tenant due to improper use of the rental property or theft.

6. Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction is Zurich, Switzerland.